Ab-Rehab – Yoga Core


Wednesday 12-1pm - The Loft at Millbrook Garden Centre, Crowborough

Reclaim your Ab's and rediscover your core!

A one hour yoga class based on the fundaments of core stability. Without proper attention to your core muscles your tummy, back and pelvic floor will all begin to suffer. You can develop a poochy tummy that drifts out and may begin to suffer from niggles in the back. Ultimately your posture will be poor and this will have a knock-on effect throughout the whole body.

When we think of core muscles we think six-pack, but actually we need to first focus on strong pelvic floor muscles and the transverse abdominus..... then we can turn our attention to those more visual rectus abdominals.

This is a challenging class that requires some level of fitness. There's no need for you to have practised yoga prior to attending as its a fully guided smaller class to ensure attention to correct posture and alignment.

Classes are £9 to drop in or discounted when block booking.


6 week class pass (£48)

4 week class pass (£34)

Drop in (£9)