4 Week Relaxation for Pregnancy Yoga Course

Starts 19/6/16 - 10.00am at Unit 6 Connors Yard

A four week pregnancy yoga course focussing on OFT, Breathing Techniques &Mindfulness. This will be an hours session of relaxing stretches whilst maintaining strength and stability with gentle postures.


4 Week 'Ab-Rehab' Yoga Course

Starts 12/10/16 - 7.30pm at Freedom Leisure Crowborough

A four week yoga course focussing on core strength and stability. This course is aimed at women who have had children and want to regain strength in their core. Each session will last one hour and will have an emphasis on the core and deep abdominal muscles whilst strengthening and lengthening muscles weakened during pregnancy and beyond. This is a progressive course as you build up your core - your abs will love you for it!!