Massage Therapy

My massage therapies adopt an Ayurvedic approach to treating the body and mind seeking to balance and restore, detox and revive.

The term ‘Ayurveda’ is from the ancient Indian language Sanskrit and translates to ‘Knowledge of Life’. We all have the capability to take charge of our own life and healing but we may just need a helping hand to capture this.

Massage therapy is a fundamental element of Ayurveda along with yoga, meditation, diet, detoxification and medicine. Massage therapy allows us not only to focus on problem areas within the body but also assists in the nurturing and calming of body and mind.

Ayurvedic principles acknowledge that muscles are able to record a persons feelings and tensions and retaining this results in inflammation and irritation within the body, culminating in a stressed and over worked system.

I seek to iron out these tensions, detoxifying the body and mind and resulting in a relaxed, calmer, restored you.

All massage therapies begin with an overview of your Ayurvedic constitution so we can effectively treat any imbalance.