Treatments and Prices

Ayurvedic Massage Therapy in Crowborough, East Sussex

Uplifting ayurvedic facial massage - this treatment is an anti-aging and uplifting massage for the head and face softening fine lines and removing built up tension from the facial muscles. Incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating, personalised to your constitution. A 60 minute treatment - £50. Course of 6 treatments £270.

Express facial massage - when you are pushed for time this 30 minute treatment still brings all the anti-aging and revitalising benefits of the full uplifting ayurvedic facial massage we just tailor the treatment to suit your current facial needs. A 30 minute treatment - £30. Course of six treatments £150.

Anit-cellulite massage - using traditional oils we work through those areas troubled by uneven skin tone and texture. Using cleansing massage techniques we can aid lymphatic draining helping the body to release toxins, increase blood flow and improve the look of dimpled cellulite. This treatment is uplifting and invigorating for the skin but your head space will most likely settle into a relaxed state. A 45 minute treatment - £45. Course of six treatments £240.

Traditional full body ayurvedic massage - rebalancing massage working through all of the marma points within the body to release tension and restore the body. Traditional ayurvedic oils used and personalised depending on your current constitution. This is a deeply relaxing treatment to soothe. Brilliant tonic to enhance wellbeing. A 75 minute treatment - £60. Course of 6 treatments £330.

Pregnancy massage - wellbeing massage for expectant mums focussing on head, neck , shoulders and legs. Completely relaxing and soothing treatment to iron out pregnancy related niggles and pain calming the body. This is the perfect pick me up for mums to be. A 45 minute treatment £45.  Course of six treatments £240.

Post natal massage - Nurturing massage for new mums who are suffering from back, neck and shoulder pain. This treatment is tailored to meet your needs focussing on those areas most troublesome to you. Making this well deserved time for yourself is so important for your physical and mental wellbeing giving your body and mind time to restore. A 60 minute treatment £60. Course of 6 treatments £300.

Ayurvedic Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage - Tension releasing massage for head, neck and shoulders focus to those areas that hold most stress within the body.  This treatment will leave you feeling relaxed, calm and de-stressed.  A 45 minute treatment - £45. Course of six treatments £240.

All treatments can be tailored to suit your individual needs.