Yoga for Children

Wednesday 5.00-5.45 pm – Freedom Leisure Centre, Crowborough

Yoga is great to start at an early age – it helps lays the foundation for a healthy body and mind.

For younger children yoga is fun, putting a child in touch with life’s joy and creativity.  For older children yoga allows them time to calm and still their hectic minds.

There are other benefits too!

Physical benefits of kids yoga

–  develops good posture and helps maintain a child’s natural flexibility
–  supports growing bodies and tones the body, stabilising core muscles and maintaining joint mobility
–  supports the immune, respiratory, circulatory systems
–  prevents sports injury
–  improves co-ordination and balance
–  promotes healthy sleeping patterns and teaches the body how to relax

Mental and emotional benefits of kids yoga

–  builds social confidence as kids interact with others
–  improves concentration levels
–  allows children to explore their intuitive nature and their individual spirituality
–  improves self-confidence, through teaching children breathing techniques and encouraging them to use their voices
–  releases day to day anxieties such as separation issues, bullying, lethargy and feelings of negativity
–  offers a space for children to express their emotional state in a physical way
–  brings clarity through relaxation techniques
–  gives experiences of stillness to the mind
–  improves memory retention which helps children learn more easily
–  slows brain patterns, making information easier to absorb and a deeper level of attention is developed

Five week term from 26/02/20 (£30)